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'The Called" by George Strasburger

Oil on linen 

42" x 60" x 3" 

For my subjects, I find ideas from my neighbors and my imagination. I concoct scenarios that depict very simple activities or frames of mind, e.g. waiting, gathering, rescuing, carrying, or apprehension or tenderness, that are metaphors for broader concepts such as cooperation and hope and perseverance. 

My work is traditional in many ways. I am mostly self taught and I’ve looked to history and the masters as my ideals. What I saw in museums and books as a child were my inspiration. My technique was developed from lessons that I gathered. Often my primary goal for a particular painting is to explore a technique or a composition that I haven’t used before that would advance my education and the expression that I am aiming for. In this way, the actual subject becomes secondary and sometimes unintended. I appreciate this organic evolution and value my result. 

I have a classical approach. My large-scale oil paintings begin with drawings, which make visual for me the finished work in my mind’s eye. My careful compositions, and a combination of loose and tight brushwork serve the scenario I create. My paintings are my “take” on the human condition, focusing on the common and the good. My characters often perform tasks or engage in activities that to me depict an act or a need that is elemental. I value beauty and I reveal existential truth.


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