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"Blue Lungs" by Jean-Paul Aboudib

Oil on canvas
60" x 48"

For as long as I can remember, I have had a gravitational attraction to the human form. Its seductive curvature and intrinsic expression is one of the earliest forms of communicating ideas, emotions and even language. I feel this inherently synergistic connection between the observer and the observed is the most transcendental entanglement human beings can experience. This notion is the catalyst for my creative process. In my current work, I’m searching to find an earnest testimony of exploration through the fleeting glimpses of the figure’s truest revelatory moments of essence and awareness. I strive to be an artist of intent and purpose. I employ expressive gestures and a vivacious color palette in my paintings which embody a sense of unvarnished human emotions as a reflection of my personal understanding of the figure.

Furthermore, my work examines the interplay between what the body conceals and reveals. The work’s focus in its purest form, illustrates the subject’s intimate and subjective moments of attitude, fear, apprehension, solitude, social memes and at times even subtle undertones of their sexuality. Through the portrayal of visual elements such as the residual state of emotion in its almost haunting capacity, the falling of light fragments that expose the vulnerability of the flesh, and the articulation of form as it collapses into the softness of receding shadows, I hope to bring the viewer to a closer connection with my subjects.


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